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The days of waiting countless hours for your phone’s battery to recharge over! TURBO BATTERY FAST CHARGER is a tool that not only extends your battery life but also charges it quickly than ever before.This is a free battery saver app that can help extend the life of your battery by as much as 80% by locating resource intensive apps that drains charge significantly from your device.NAM APP is the ideal tool to have when you want to recharge your device with absolute ease because using it is extremely simple. The tool examines different running services that consume more battery like GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, high screen brightness, NFC, etc. and turns them off as it sees necessary. This tool also helps your phone charge up 20 to 40% better than standard charge timing.How to use TURBO BATTERY FAST CHARGERTURBO BATTERY FAST CHARGER is just like any other tool on your phone, but only better. Once you have connected the charge of your device, this tool helps charge of the battery faster and also saves the remaining bit of charging your phone that is used in the charging process. It also changes screen settings depending on your needs and to optimize usage of battery.Features:• Stylish and user-friendly UI• Extends battery life while charging the device fast• Fast charging mode is automatically activated• Displays battery capacity within the app• One Touch control enables you to close all battery consuming services on your device• Gives you the option to turn on and off certain functionsAnd the best feature of all –TURBO BATTERY FAST CHARGER is totally free.
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Installs:1,000 - 5,000

Requires Android:2.3+

Updated:August 17, 2016

Current Version:1.1

Size:2.01 MB bytes

File name:com.turbobatteryfasthargeappfree.2.apk

Hash code:bfd7dc9d9c33b0f62d758f9c7436cce3

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