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Completely free tool: no ads, nu contact info selling.After you authorize a phone number he can send an SMS with a specific content to your phone and this app will reply with LAST KNOWN location ( from GSP or WI-FI) AND the GSM location data ( MCC, MNC, Cell-id, LAC). It will not start getting the new location of you, it will be an instant SMS reply.The GSM location information can be transformed to a GPS location with low accuracy with 3rd party tool ( not included)It is a free app with some effort already: Make sure you have donated / supported the development before asking bug fixes, improvements!
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Installs:500 - 1,000

Requires Android:2.3.3+

Updated:March 02, 2014

Current Version:1.0

Size:262.5 KB bytes

File name:com.mathesoft.smslocation.1.apk

Hash code:f51b1a317191b9562c34f878ef86e53f

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