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Islamic prayer or prayer nawafil (plural: nafilah) is a prayer which is recommended to be implemented but not necessarily so innocent when left in other words, if done properly and fully to ikhlasan will appear wisdom and mercy of Allah is so beautiful.This app contains about ordinances perform sunnah prayers performed in their daily lives, including the following:- Prayer Hajat- Prayer Tahajjud- Prayer Dhuha- Eid prayer- Eid Al-Adha Prayer- Prayer tahiyatul mosque- Tarawih prayer- Prayer Witr- The body Prayer (Mayit)- Prayer Ghaib- Prayer rawatib- Prayer Istigharoh- Eclipse Prayer. etc
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Developer:Mukhajad Media

Category:Books & Reference

Installs:500 - 1,000

Requires Android:4.1+

Updated:November 13, 2016

Current Version:1.0

Size:7.01 MB bytes

File name:com.mukhajadmedia.lenovo.sholatsunnahlengkap.1.apk

Hash code:1e964f776e5bda95be03387f2cbaae64

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