Шедевры рукоделия

Шедевры рукоделия


Latest Version: 3.4.1

Installs: 5,000 - 10,000

Description of Шедевры рукоделия

Crafts - it is a world created through your imagination and skill. With your hands you can create entire masterpieces of needlework, which then can be proud of and show off. Here you can find pictures of the masterpieces of paper crafts, beads, various baskets, newspapers and more.
The following destinations in the art of needlework isolated Attached:
- Guilloche, or in simple words the application of patterns or patterns on paper special machine. Used for decoration.
- Scrapbooking, translated to English language means "book of clippings." Very interesting and unusual kind of needlework. It is the creation of photo albums with his own hands. Here your flight of fancy may roam, as there are no restrictions to create photo albums. You can do them in any, some just want to, subjects. For any photo can be attributed to a variety of stories, or paste pictures, in general, do everything that you can imagine. This album will be an excellent gift for any occasion.
- Hand Maid soap or soap-making. A very common type of needlework and very useful. Soap brewed at home, is 100% natural, in addition, you can attach the soap any color and any shape and any odors using flavorings.
- Decoupage - the word comes from the French decouper, which means to cut. This art is based on cutting different patterns of fabric, paper, leather, wood, which are then glued onto the surface you want to decorate (boxes, dishes, furniture, fabric and much more).
- Beading. The name speaks for itself, all the masterpieces created with his own hands from the beads.
- Veterinary and art to create bouquets. Very interesting kind of creativity. Through colors and various decorative elements, such as fruits, leaves, berries, bark of trees, and much more, you can create a unique, exclusive bouquets for various celebrations.
- Weaving flaps of various materials, such as skin, straw, tissue. Pursuing this kind of creativity, you can create baskets, mats, clothes, bags, etc.
Crafts - handmade art created things from fabric, yarn, wool and other materials.
This application is intended to everyone who likes to do needlework, who appreciate beauty and revived the tradition of Russian masters. Here you will find tips and tricks for embroidery and cross stitch, for crochet and knitting. The app is designed for anyone who wants to create beautiful and original products with their own hands.
In this application, you will learn to make their own hands following things:
- Great ideas for wrapping gifts
- Necklace
- Lush flower
- Picture of flowers
- Funny toys
- Amazing cakes
- Crochet
- Slippers
- Learn about the combination of colors
- The original packaging for a gift with their own hands
- Crafts from leaves
- Beautiful bow
- Simple and cute pillow
- Prints for creativity
- Soft letters
- Fabric flowers
- Scourge bracelets
- Butterfly origami fabric
- Organizer of the packaging for tea
- Decoupage chairs
- Stained glass paint with their hands
- The technique of quilling
- Doll Kolyada - guardian for the house and just beautiful
- Patterns of old clothes
- Simple by a bunch of candy
- Tulip flower made of paper
- Weave Bracelet
- How to weave Baubles
- Miniature bouquet. Quilling
- Decoupage
- Homemade Soap
- Weaving tubes
All materials used in the application are taken from the group VKontakte http://vk.com/public43688579
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Installs:5,000 - 10,000

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