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Because of Bangka Belitung Province which consists predominantly of the territorial sea, the main characteristic of the people associated with the results of food - processed marine products or marine products, in addition to the results of existing plantations. These foods are; various seafood preserved as dried squid, dried fish, marine worms or Wak - wak dry, dry shrimp, snails Gung -gung, Sea Cucumber, Shark, Rusip, Kecalok, Pekasem. Then various foods processed marine products such as bridge, Kempelang, Kericu, Crackers, Sambel Lingkung, Terasi, brain - the brain, Empek - empek, Lakso, Bergo and Pantiau. Besides the typical foods of marine products are also characterized by various types of traditional peganan like Martabak Bangka or Hok Lo Pan, Rintak sago, Gandus, Rangai Cakes, Cake Trays, Bugis Cakes, Cakes Jongkong and typical Dodo called Lempok Cempedak or Durian. Then, also known as natural products such as Honey Bitter and Sweet Honey Bees native of Bangka island jungle with taste and properties of its own, very good for health.
Traditional cuisine is the famous
1. Yellow Lempah. Lempah a typical food and become the main food in the family and society, also the food in a traditional and religious ceremonies. In the tradition of community Pangkalpinang called Sepintu Sedulang, everything worked together -Same, usually prior to a job or a big event or after working together, Yellow Lempah cuisine is the main side dishes are cooked together and eaten together - together.
2. Getas / bridge. Generally snacks that are called Getas / Kretek is made from mackerel fish. So good for a snack or a friend to eat the others. Oleh2 often used when returning from Bangka.
3. Martabak sweet Bangka.
if the contents of cheese, chocolate, sesame ... enakkk gile ,, haha ​​.. martabak fart sweet made from flour (Melepasmu, emang of what? -___- ")
4. Sambal Binjai ..
you know what ??? this one is my favoritttt ... is the best lah .. cap 5 ..
tu Binjai fruit tastes a bit sour, astringent, etc. lah. but if already in the same join belacan a.k.a be sambal paste ... Binjai is unmatched. # okay this lebay #
5. Brain-typical brain farts.
* Drool * so brain-stroke is usually derived from the famous Belinyu in the Pacific Islands region. made from mackerel, then use the sauce in the dining tauco .. maknyuss ...
6. Cake rintak typical fart
its shape like a flower, then it manis2 typical. made from wheat flour, corn flour, eggs, coconut, palm sugar, sugar ...
# .resep Yellow lempah fart
 (Recipes typical of Bangka, lempah land, lempah yellow puffer fish, recipes lempah kedondong, lempah yellow chicken, seasoning lempah meat, yellow lempah mackerel recipe, recipe lempah cukut)
# .resep Typical cake farts
(Recipe Cakes Jongkong, Getas / kemplang, Lapis legit fart (thaipan), Cake ring fart)
# .The Food typical of the Pacific Islands and explanations
# .Food Typical southern fart
# .Food Typical middle fart
# .resep Cooking stews fart
# .kuliner Bangka Belitung
# .minuman Typical of the Pacific Islands
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