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Parents Do you need help with child-rearing? Sometimes I can not find solutions to problemsDo you? Understanding your child, you need to train in the best way? A special application for youwe have developed. So our application What? Pedagogues ready for your support! Specialist pedagogue in the language you question yourYou can ask for advice. Want to get involved in our child's photo application? Send usLet's add our album. Children can watch entertaining videos of our application, you can see the children's album.Through articles he wrote for you, you can learn the most accurate information of hundreds of local experts, with solutionsYou can eliminate your problem.Our application specialists, images, advice, child development, concise articles, infant, child, adolescent, family, tips, solutions, fun, fairy tales, have questions, statements, doctor, happy home, consists of events section.'Educators' and now you have to consult an expert in you. Follow the tips in our instant feedback!
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Developer:Akıllı Uygulamalar


Installs:10,000 - 50,000

Requires Android:3.0+

Updated:February 09, 2016

Current Version:2.0.1

Size:21.34 MB bytes

File name:com.akilliuygulamalar.pedagog.11.apk

Hash code:b38e4b68f96fdf752b84ea31be6138f9

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