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Description of NSchool,엔스쿨,화상강의,화상교육

Enschede is a cool video conferencing mode to proceed with the electronic blackboard using the video cam and 1: concept,At the same time a lot of people in one screen and video lectures available live lecture mode,And high-definition broadcast live mode to the soft, good quality images using the camera,High-definition streaming and sharing high-definition video mode, which allows for meetings or training,Remote control system that check and control your PC remotely are integrated with leading video solutions in existing educational, technological advancement in the country in which the soft videoconferencing.Important) This app will ask the user for a seamless camera and microphone.
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What's New

- fix minor bugs

- 키보드 처리 보완

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Installs:10 - 50

Requires Android:4.0+

Updated:August 15, 2016

Current Version:1.0.1

Size:17.5 MB bytes

File name:air.com.narasoft.nschool.1000001.apk

Hash code:8da9b10c741a1cbd58c9976a2016e42c

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