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Design graffiti is a form of visual communication using images to convey information or a message as effectively as possible. In the design of graffiti, text images are also considered as an abstraction of symbols that can be sounded. graphic design is applied in communication design and fine art. As with other types of design, graffiti design can refer to the manufacturing process, design methods, the resulting product (design), or any discipline that is used (design).
So that we produce designs that draw the eye there are some elements that should be learned is the element in graphic design. All these elements should not be included once in a masterpiece of design because there are some designs that require one of these must be prioritized so there emphases in each element.
1. Line (Line)
A line is a design element that connects between the points points points out that other so that it can form a curved line drawing (curve) or linear (straight). The line is the basic element for building or construction design form. In the duni a visual communication often we use a dotted line, solid line, and a dotted line.
2. Shape (Shape)
Forms are all things that have a high diameter and width. The basic shape that is known is the (rectangle), circle (circle), and the triangle (triangle).
3. Texture (Texture)
Texture is the surface appearance (pattern) of an object that can be assessed to be seen or touched. Which, in practice, the texture is often categorized as a pattern of an object surface, eg the surface of the carpet, clothing, leather wood, paint walls, paint the canvas, and so forth.
4. Space (Space)
Space is the distance between a form with other forms, the practice of design elements can be used to give effect to the design aesthetics and dynamics of graphic design. In the physical form of identification space is classified into two elements, namely the object (figure) and background (background).
5. Size (Size)
Size is another element in the design that defines the size of an object. By using this element you can create contrast and emphasis (emphasis) on the object of your design so that people will know where to be seen or read first.
6. Color (Color)
Color is an important element in the design of objects. Because the color can demonstrate identity, convey messages or to distinguish the nature of the forms of visual forms clearly
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