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Tracking over 6,000,000 locationsUse GPS Tracker to locate your family in case of concern, or emergency.The GPS Tracker allows you to locate your family at any time, making it easier to locate your loved ones in case of emergency. Whatever the reason for checking up, you can keep a close eye on the current and recent locations of your children, your parents and your partner.Available to download for iPhone and Android, the GPS Tracker keeps tabs on your device and family's location 24/7, in case of emergency or concern.Use it:►On a family member’s phone, so that you can log in via your browser to check their current location.►On your own phone, in case it’s lost or stolen.►On an elderly parent’s phone, for peace of mind if they’re prone to wandering.WHAT DOES THE GPS TRACKER DO?Available for Android and Apple smartphones, the GPS Tracker is an ‘emergency beacon’ for GPS-enabled mobile devices, that sends your location to central servers in case of emergency or concern.Location details can be viewed online by logging in through the GridLocate website (, or can be checked on the go using the GridLocate Family Locator (*Android only). See the phone’s last known location, receive ‘low battery’ alerts and view pinpoints on a zoomable map.The GPS Tracker records 24/7, ready for any emergency.IS THE GPS TRACKER A REAL TIME PHONE TRACKING APP?Not quite! The GPS Tracker sends a location update when there's a change in your location, and roughly every 15 minutes, with location history recorded for up to 6 days.We've done a lot of research, and we've discovered that teenagers think of real-time data as ‘invasive’. Many would feel like someone was spying on them, or watching their every move.People are much more comfortable to have their location recorded only when there's a significant change, instead of feeling like every single step is being followed.Real-time updates would drain a battery quickly, but on iPhone and Android the GPS Tracker uses just 2% battery power per day, and less than 10Mb a month.IS GPS TRACKER ACCURATE?Yes. Following each location update, GPS Tracker requests an accurate location usually to within 30 meters. We use GPS, WIFI and LBS positions (mast locations) to find an accurate location in all situations.A FEW SCENARIOS....It would take forever to list the many ways that our GPS Tracker can help. We’ve narrowed it down to just a few examples:►You’re working late. You can use the GPS Tracker to check that your teenager is safely home from school.►Your son or daughter is on a night out and promised to be back by midnight, but they’re late. Use the GPS Tracker to check that they’re at least on their way.►Your elderly father has wandered off once before. You’re worried that he’ll do it again. Install GPS Tracker to his phone and you’ll be able to quickly check whether he’s just popped out for some milk, or he’s strolling in the wrong part of town.►There’s a bomb scare somewhere in the city. With the GPS Tracker, see if your partner is anywhere nearby.►You lost your phone sometime between the desk and the dinner table. Did you leave it in the office or is it currently travelling by train? Your GPS Tracker will give you the answer.READY TO GO?For instant location information, follow these three simple steps:Step 1: Register your FREE GridLocate account at 2: Download GPS Tracker onto the phones you want to track using the unique IDs.Step 3: Add the devices to your free GridLocate account, to view current location and location history.GPS Tracker is free to download and free to use. You can track up to 3 devices for free on-line or via our Family Locator App. To track 4 or more devices, it's just $29.99 a year.
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What's New

Major update

+ Improved GPS Tracker code for more accuracy

+ Improvements to UI, including new Satellite Map views for locating family

+ Bug fixes for Android v6.0.

This latest version includes a number of recommendations from our users. Please email us at [email protected] with your feedback. We'd love to hear from you

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Developer:GridLocate Ltd


Installs:10,000 - 50,000

Requires Android:4.0.3+

Updated:June 16, 2016

Current Version:0.9.2

Size:2.84 MB bytes


Hash code:4aa80a44601b652e6de28483b5f5396d

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