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GPS Tracker Little-Nanny (Child) – a high precision child tracker (GPS Tracker) and playground guard. Almost like a real nanny who takes care of your children. Parents love the App for keeping track of their kids. Just use any Smartphone (Android 2.3+ or Iphone) as a GPS child tracker device. Worry no more when your loved ones travel or go to school! The GPS Locator Little Nanny can help you locate all family and friends simultaneously via the app’s map. You can also watch them travel from one destination to the next via the app’s GPS map in realtime.★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★You will need the parent app: the "patent app" you can monitor the current location of your kid.★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★Do you want to know where your child is right now? Do you want to define a playground and get notified when your child left the zone? Do you want to get notified if the battery of your child’s device is running empty or the device is lost? Than Little-Nanny is the perfect solution to protect your family.Little-Nanny GPS “Parent” App makes it easy to do the following:► Track your child’s or teenager’s smartphone (family locator). You can now track their whereabouts 24/7. If they get lost, you can identify their location and guide them to where they need to be. The ability to know the exact location of your child and getting real-time updates can be a life-saver for any parent.► Phone Locator: GPS Little Nanny is a reliable and highly accurate cell phone tracker, using 28 satellites to triangulate the exact location of every phone registered in your account. If a phone is ever out of satellite view, GPS Little Nanny relies on triangulation via the nearest cell phone tower and cell phone carriers’ data to identify the missing cell phone’s location. The app works with a variety of mobile devices incuding iOS smartphones and Android phones.► GPS Maps: GPS Little Nanny uses GPS maps to ensure the most accurate, real-time reporting on the location of your family and friends. It’s a great people finder and can also help perform reverse phone lookup and phone lookup functions using GPS coordinates and GPS location data.► Define a playground / guarding area (geofence) and get instantly notified with an alarm when: a) Your child has left the playground / zone (continuous monitoring)b) if the child’s device is running out of battery or c) if you child’s has lost the device.► Find your child: Little-Nanny will show you the distance and the direction you have to walk to find your child.► Works with Android 2.3+ or iPhone, even if you mix it e.g. Android as child device and Iphone as parent appHow It Works:Download the FREE "Child" App onto your childs smartphone (Android 2.3+ or IPhone). Enter the displayed child’s device ID into your "Parent" App – that’s it. No registration at all!► First – Download the “Child” App onto your child’s smartphone – note the displayed ID.► Second – Download the “Parent” App onto your smartphone and enter the child’s ID .ATTENTION: We are working hard to ensure that Little Nanny is always working es expected, but we can't guarantee it. Please understand that technical issues and outages are always possible.
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Developer:Routing4You LLC


Installs:10,000 - 50,000

Requires Android:2.3.3+

Updated:April 02, 2016

Current Version:3.1.9

Size:3.55 MB bytes

File name:com.pocketnanny.pnchild.319.apk

Hash code:022de67bd3762be0b2caafa38447c81a

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