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Shell rebounds to make each hit a target without wasting any gold.Cool skills of locking, enraging, high speed, and a thousand shells for you to finish off bosses.A thousand shells can rebound shells without any limits and with double refilling rewards.Selection of 100 including Toad's Trick, Li Kun's Fish Killing, Money King's Sea Attack, Snake's 100m Years, rewards of tons of gold for stages!Egg play with three great scholars, four small blessings, pirate ships, lightening strikes, and brilliant gold after finishing off a boss. Unlimited rewards: collected in mysterious fishing scenes.[Advantages]▼ The hottest arcade fishing game with loads of contents and elements. During the process, you can also enjoy the beautiful underwater and coolness of arcade hall. Elements of one-armed bandits and slot machines are also included, as well as the lucky wheel a▼ Cool skills have been invented, including locking, enraging, high speed, and a thousand shells for you to fish easily. You can manipulate all no matter if you're a hard core player or newbie. One more thing you need is luck. Just do what you like.▼ If you always feel lonely, find it hard to make friends, or bored, you can download this fishing game. Download it for a bit of fun during a long commute.▼ If you like something lively, exhilarating, and the fun of gambling or you visit casino frequently, you'll love to download this game. It may not be as thrilling as Texas hold'em poker, but our lucky wheel has a different kind of fun. You might be the lucky winner!▼ Join us in the shark fight. Let's dominate the underwater world and create some time for fishing.▼ Tons of gold and mysterious gifts for you!▼ Invite your friends to this legendary fishing game.Free gold coins:
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Installs:10,000 - 50,000

Requires Android:4.0.3+

Updated:December 02, 2016

Current Version:1.3

Size:Varies with device bytes

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