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Description of Evented

Evented lets you discover what’s hot in your locality and also lets you set up and plan events with your friends at your favourite hangouts!A dynamic app that creates new opportunities for connection and engagement, Evented gives event planners flexibility to create, schedule events, and invite their followers or make changes on-the-fly. With a host of features, the aim of Evented is to focus on the network i.e. to be the communication channel, a social media platform between the event organiser, artist, speakers etc and the attendees by being at their fingertips within a really easy-to-use mobile application.Evented plan to bring the ever-growing events happening around the world, be it an on-site or an online event, to one place where users can discover it, make plans, also connect and meet new people.• Discover and explore local events nearby you.• Create events and host all your content on the Evented App.• Track your favourite artists & places and be the first to know about an event.• Send real time updates to the attendees.• Manage and market your events using Evented.• Organizers can make last minute changes to an event and notify their attendees.• Use Evented App to check in, find out who else is there, and make new friends.• Conduct polls to see what the attendees have to say and collect feedback. • Evented makes it easier and faster for your attendees to find event information at one place.• Message your friends and organisers using Evented.• Build the Buzz and let your friends know about an event.• Manage your events on the go with the free Evented App.• Get directions to go to an event.• Share events with your friends.• Save events for later with remind me option.• Use stats to see the reach of your event and its post (updates).• Evented gives you plenty of ways to discover, plan and enjoy your time at an event.________________________________________Download now and #StayEvented with the Buzz.
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What's New

Evented now lets you check-in at your favorite hangouts.

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Developer:Brahmini Technologies


Installs:100 - 500

Requires Android:4.0+

Updated:November 08, 2016

Current Version:1.2.11

Size:9.53 MB bytes

File name:com.btpl.events1.25.apk

Hash code:41bf8d498e441f61f35c9e7398bb0785

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