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Description of Chinese Chess Fight

In Chinese Chess Fight, "Training" can help players familiarize themselves with mutual collaboration between different pieces, so as to master chinese chess skills.In addition, players can play with human or AIs.Features include:- System automatically detect [Repeat Chess, Repeat Catch, Repeat Steps], more fair battle- Select Chess Zone, Chess Tables, more freedom to choose opponents- Free to watch games play by others, to better enjoy the fun of Chinese ChessLet's download Chinese Chess Fight nowFive different levels of artificial intelligence, namely novice, advanced, entry, section and three sections.Overcome novice level AI, then you are no longer a novice. (Laughs)Overcome entry level AI, you can be proud to tell your friends, you know how to play chinese chess. Y(^_^)Y
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What's New

Add "Training" to help players familiarize mutual collaboration between different pieces, so as to master Chinese Chess skills.

Fix some phones not able to type problem.

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Developer:Nethru Limited


Installs:10,000 - 50,000

Requires Android:2.2+

Updated:April 03, 2014

Current Version:Updating...

Size:2.55 MB bytes


Hash code:eeeaa844fdb6cc3f78e616c39306855a

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