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Description of BlueHome

New since v1.4.1: create your own Tasks and activate them from third party Apps like Tasker or Locale***To Unlock all features and remove the device limitation, download BlueHome Unlocker.***BlueHome is a stylish application to control your EIB/KNX installation from the palm of your hand using your phone or tablet.Do you have a EIB/KNX installation at your home, apartment or hotel, then you can use BlueHome to control the lights, heating, blinds, etc. from your Android phone or tablet. No need for a fancy and expensive server. BlueHome only requires an KNX IP gateway connected to your KNX system.Simply add the different devices you wish to control to BlueHome. Once you have created your devices, you can place them in different "Rooms" or "Categories" for easy access.The application can be configured without knowledge of the KNX system or your ETS configuration. Through the use of the build in assistent, many of your devices can be automatically configured. Simply tap the "assist" button on your phone or tablet and use your real KNX devices (e.g., a dimmer or switch) to perform the required action. BlueHome will automatically capture the resulting messages and use them to configure itself!For more advanced users, it is also possible to manually configure devices by assigning group addresses.Connect BlueHome to your KNX system using any KNX/IP Gateway, including the open source eibd server software.Features:- Full configuration in the App itself, no need for separate configuration software- Assistent allows users to configure their devices without any knowledge of KNX messages or the ETS configuration- Stylish interface that is adapted to both tablets and phones- Arrange your devices in Rooms/Categories- Use Spacers to arrange your devices into practical groups- If needed, you can add multiple "Pages" to each Room or Category- Bus Monitor that captures all messages on your system: convenient when configuring BlueHome- Share your configuration with other devices using emailSupported devices (more will become available):- (Light) switches- Light dimmers, both absolute (slide) and relative (tap and hold) dimmers- Scene selection- Blinds up/down/stop- Heating mode- Setpoint temperature control- Room temperature monitor- "Generic" sensor to visualize virtually any datapoint
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What's New

** Version 1.4.2**

- Additional Gateway settings to fix reported problems.

- Made dimming status address optional for "Relative Dimmer"

** Version 1.4.1**

- Favorites section in right pane (tablet only).

- Tasks!

- New Clock device with automatic updates to KNX system.

- New Blinds to set particular height.

- Better support for remote connections, including NAT (use at your own risk, better to use a secure VPN for remote access).

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Detail information


Developer:Stefaan Seys

Category:House & Home

Installs:5,000 - 10,000

Requires Android:3.0+

Updated:November 10, 2014

Current Version:1.4.2

Size:1.61 MB bytes

File name:biz.seys.bluehome.29.apk

Hash code:076357e0c75c27b70f88d79e02887090

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