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Toolkit to identify post-repair and maintenance of vehicles defects. It minimizes the risk of buying a car with obvious and hidden defects.Turn-based diagnostics on the vehicle known as well as unknown and little-known general features which can detect defects: Body, assembly or vehicle assembly. Includes verification Passive safety car - "SRS".It describes the detection of defects on the car photographers on various Internet sites, such as: auto.ru (auto ru), avito.ru (Avito) core py (drom.ru), Karprays (Carprice), am.ru, a. tut.by, av.by, automarket, Youla (Yule), etc.This application is a presentation and has limitations.With this application you can quickly and efficiently carry out the selection of most of the car, without resorting to the services of the second individual and not spent on the purchase of a variety of instrument-thickness gauges to measure the paint.Buying cars goods or new cars such as BMW (BMW), Mercedes Benz (Mersedes), Audi (Audi), Toyota (Toyota), Kia (Kia), Hyundai (Hyundai), Lada (Lada), Ford (Ford Focus), VW (Volkswagen), Skoda (Skoda), Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi), etc. no it does not affect the auto check whether it is in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan (O'zbekiston) and Tajikistan (Tojikiston). silt large region metropolis such as Moscow, St. Petersburg (Peter), Vladivostok, Ekatirenburg, Almaty, Kiev (Kyiv), Minsk.Particular attention should be paid to those recently passed the SDA exam for a driving license in the traffic police, and other well-aware traffic tickets and traffic signs as a whole. For them, the contents of the application will have a special role and will help protect its user from the purchase of broken, stolen goods or new car. Also useful in the application are by reference, where possible:- Free check all the history of the car, including insurance cases;- Check the wine (check VIN) number of the car;- Accident data (data about accidents);- Check the number of owners;- The availability of restrictions registration activities through the FSSP;- Checking the car (or is said to pierce cars) in the number of state;- Check it out on the bases of traffic and autocode.Information for those who want to quickly sell the car: just specify in the announcement of the sale of his car data necessarily "full scan" of your car and the percentage of test close to 100%, for example: "Evaluation of my car in the annex AvtoKonsultant 98% at full check! "
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Category:Auto & Vehicles

Installs:10,000 - 50,000

Requires Android:4.0+

Updated:April 12, 2016

Current Version:1.0

Size:11.92 MB bytes

File name:ru.yksoft.carbuyhelper.1.apk

Hash code:3cb4accfa899c46152c7976bdd4e6f77

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