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More than 600 products and brands contain GM ingredients indicating if!You have a right to know who has your food, stay Inform @!GREEN ListIncludes products whose manufacturers have assured Greenpeace that do not useGM-or its derivatives in their ingredients and additives.Red ListIncludes those products for which Greenpeace can not guarantee that nocontaining GMOs. They are: - Products whose manufacturers do not guarantee the absence of transgenic Greenpeace - or its derivatives in their ingredients and additives. - Products for which our laboratory have detected transgenic - Products whose labels figure containing transgenic or derivatives.GM cultivation is increasing use of toxic agriculture, genetic contamination,soil pollution, loss of biodiversity, development of resistance in insects and 'weed', health risks andundesirable effects on other organisms. The effects on all living things areirreversible and unpredictable.The long-term health risks of GMOs in food or in theanimals whose products are consumed not evaluated correctly and still reachunknown. New allergies, toxic appearance of new, reduced effectiveness of certain drugsor unexpected effects are some of the risks.
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Developer:NatureSoft Games

Category:Health & Fitness

Installs:5,000 - 10,000

Requires Android:2.2+

Updated:January 25, 2015

Current Version:2.0

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Hash code:8c7e70c6c07e748d0fe8ff167ebf6d36

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